Oct 4, 2022: our latest paper from the lab published in Cell Metabolism

Postdoctoral fellows Drs. Nick Borcherding (CP-PSTP) and Wentong Jia were co-first authors on our recent publication reporting that dietary long-chain fatty acids inhibit mitochondria capture by macrophages, thereby diverting adipocyte-derived mitochondria into the blood for distribution to distant organs such as the heart. Immunology PhD student Rocky Giwa made a major contribution to the paper by showing that macrophages experiencing a metabolical catastrophe can capture, retain, and utilize exogenous mitochondria from their environment to overcome moments of metabolic crisis.

Borcherding/Jia et al. Dietary lipids inhibit mitochondria transfer to macrophages to divert adipocyte-derived mitochondria into the blood. Cell Metabolism 34(10): 1499-1513.E8, 2022.

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